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You’re invited to participate in an intimate, interactive digital workshop experience from Microsoft Azure. As the world adapts to the realities of an increasingly connected workforce, it’s important for your organisation to embrace an increased digital transformation. Azure Workshops are exclusive sessions designed to introduce you to and familiarise you with Microsoft Azure technologies and innovations.

Based on your organisation’s needs, you’ll dive into topics around Cloud-Native Apps, Azure Virtual DesktopDevOps with GitHub and Azure Arc. Through a mix of learning and hands-on experiences, these cutting-edge workshops are designed to help you take purposeful steps to achieve your vision of greater agility as you adapt to ever-changing business needs. 

Why attend?

  • Build confidence in the cloud to see your company’s visions through.
  • Develop essential skills to take advantage of all that Azure services have to offer.
  • Modernise your organisation’s capabilities for today’s changing work environment. 

These workshops are being promoted and delivered in partnership with Microsoft.

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Uncovering invaluable insights from your organisation’s data helps support your pursuit of greater innovation. The Azure Immersion Workshop: Analytics was created to introduce you to the cloud tools you’ll need to discover those next-level details. Starting with a high-level exploration of the heart of analytics, you’ll learn effective optimisation techniques using Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse and the Azure Synapse studio. After the whiteboard session, attendees will be treated to a hands-on lab featuring the Azure Synapse studio. Upon completion, you’ll have the necessary knowledge to apply the associated technology stack to unlock insights from your organisation’s data. Whether you’re modernising existing apps or creating new ones, Microsoft has the tools to help you succeed.  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Key topics to be covered at the event:

  • Gain a high-level overview of analytic techniques for optimising with Azure SQL Data Warehouse and the Azure Synapse studio.
  • Learn how to use Microsoft Power BI and Azure in conjunction with one another.
  • • Experience a hands-on lab with the Azure Synapse studio.

Who should attend?

This is a technical session with hands on lab environment and is suitable for IT pros (TDMs, IT implementers, IT administrators), developers, and architects. ​​​​​​​

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Modernise Java Apps

Java continues to be one of the most important programming technologies for organisations of all types. The Azure Workshop: Modernise Java Apps will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the range of hosting options for Java Apps on Azure; Learn how to design solutions using DevOps tooling, continuous integration, virtual networks and much more. You'll also get hands-on experience using Azure Spring Cloud to create microservices with infrastructure, app life-cycle management and build-in monitoring.  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Key topics to be covered at the event:

  • Get Hands-on experience to begin modernising your Java applications using Azure managed services.
  • Learn how to use Microsoft Power BI and Azure in conjunction with one another.
  • Design solutions to speed the development and deployment of these applications.
  • Explore enterprise best practices and architectures.

Who should attend?

IT Pros (Developers, Architects, DevOps engineers) ​​​​​​​

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Infrastructure Migration

This workshop will provide you with both the knowledge and skills migrate on-premises infrastructure such as Windows Servers and Linux Servers, running line of business applications and their associated database tier to Azure with confidence. The workshop covers both the technical aspects along with guidance on process, people, and governance (Cloud Adoption Framework).
You will learn about the value of implementing a landing zone, design and implement your first landing zone, and then leverage Azure Migrate to move a simple application to Azure during the hands-on lab portion off the workshop.  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Key topics to be covered at the event:

  • Understand how to migrate workloads to Azure.
  • • Get the knowledge and skills to migrate on-premises infrastructure such as Windows Servers and Linux Servers, running line of business applications and its associated database tier to Azure.

Who should attend?

IT pros (TDMs, IT implementers, IT administrators), developers, data scientists, and architects. ​​​​​​​

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Azure Virtual Desktop

A cohesive virtual desktop doesn’t just keep your projects organised; it can help employees stay up to date on projects while they work remotely. The Azure Workshop: Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is designed to help you foster seamless collaboration through a virtual desktop experience.

Three key topics to be covered at the event:

  • Develop skills to design and implement virtual desktop structure on Azure
  • Become familiar with AVD and get real world insights to benchmark Intel's performance on AVD
  • Create your own AVD architecture and learn how to operationalise your virtual desktop in two hands-on labs.

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Please be aware these are interactive sessions, and as such will be hosted on Microsoft Teams.

IMPORTANT: I understand that the Participant’s image/likeness, name, and information shared by Participant during the Program may be viewable to the instructor and other participants via photo or live video during the class. I consent to my image, name and shared information being viewable.

Your contact details may be used for the purposes of follow up with relation to this event only and can be removed at any time upon request. Please note if you do not agree we are unfortunately unable to invite you to this workshop.

Note: Much of these workshops will cover presentations via slides using content using pages and demonstrations of topics and subject matter. All audience types and levels are welcome with their interest to view these portions of the workshop.

However, other parts of these workshops will involve working first hand on the technical software, services and tools such as using Powershell, system + software tools and browser controls in Azure cloud. These portions does assume a degree of technical familiarity and ease to follow printed /guided instructions, especially on Azure cloud and Powershell. To operate these tools, delegates will require a modern browser, such as Chrome, Edge(latest), Firefox, Opera or Safari, which has been recently updated.